Companies that process or handle the personal data of EU residents will face substantial penalties of up to 4% of global revenue if they fail to comply with the EU's new data privacy regulations, which go into effect on May 25, 2018. We offer GDPR compliance programs on an affordable, fixed-fee basis.


We are experienced investigators and white collar criminal defense specialists who can quickly determine whether a problem -- be it trade secrets, supervisory/management, or regulatory non-compliance -- exists and, if it does, provide affordable, practical, strategic advice about how to resolve it.


While startups and early-stage companies are not exempt from regulation, the cost of hiring an attorney to develop an appropriate compliance program can be prohibitive. The Practical Compliance Lawyer will assess your compliance exposure and work with your personnel to establish and maintain a sustainable compliance program for a fixed fee.

GDPR Compliance -- why "good enough" can be perfect!

If it's not strategically important for your business to have a "best-practices" compliance program, as a practical matter your company's compliance program need only be defensible -- that is, "good enough" -- to comply with applicable regulations. The Practical Compliance Lawyer has the experience to work with your personnel to determine what, if anything, need be done to comply with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation, for an affordable fixed fee.

Affordable, Fixed-Fee Billing

Most lawyers charge hourly fees for legal services, which places all the risk for excessive legal costs on the client. The Practical Compliance Lawyer eliminates this risk by charging fixed fees. Your project will be completed in the shortest possible time and with minimal distraction from your company's core mission.

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